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Quick quizz : Which TV-series heroine are you ?

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Do you enjoy drinking alcohol ?                    
Do you talk to yourself ?                    
Are you a seducer ?                    
Are you a meticulous person ?                    
Are you curious ?                    
Do you often wear brighty-coloured underwear ?                    
Are you nervous ?                    
Do you like to help your neighbor ?                    
Are you diplomatic ?                    
Do you prefer noise to silence ?                    
Does getting older scare you ?                    
Are you cynical ?                    
Does it take you more than 20 minutes to comb your hair ?                    
Are you willing to fight for the person you love ?                    
Do you like animals ?                    
Are you a cleaning freak ?                    
Do you enjoy walking barefoot ?                    
Do you like the sea ?                    
Do you like to travel ?                    
Are you rancorous ?                    

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